July 2017

[LS055] Miro Pajic

Label: Lazerslut
Artist: Miro Pajic
Release: Zest EP
Genre: Minimal Techno
Format: Digital
Cat. No.: LS055

Track Listing:
1. Miro Pajic - Lava (Original Mix)
2. Miro Pajic - Delusion (Original Mix)
3. Miro Pajic - Silver (Original Mix)
4. Miro Pajic - Zest (Original Mix)

Release Date:
03. July 2017 (Beatport)
17. July 2017 (All other Shops)

Label Chief Miro fills spot No. 55 in the Lazerslut Catalogue with an EP for true lovers of its kind. Four tracks that, typical for Mr. Pajic,
generate a fine tuned blend between eerie Minimal Techno, twisted House and everything in-between.

„Lava“ immediately pulls you into Miro’s world of surreal and sexy weirdness.
As usual the groove is a dominant point, fenced in cool synth strokes and roaring sub bass.
A track with true finesse and a tone to remember.

With „Delusion“ Miro’s unmistakable signature sparkles with its dystopian sound.
Old school Synth sounds combined with ultra-futuristic elements that don’t fail to mesmerize.

„Silver“ portraits a groove havoc with unique and quirky characteristics.

The title track „Zest“ sums up Miro Pajic’s power of combining hypnotic atmosphere,
talent for groove and melodic capabilities. A minimalistic Techno highlight that will open up senses.

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