May 2017

[LS054] Billy Dalessandro

Label: Lazerslut
Artist: Billy Dalessandro
Release: Third Ball Brawl EP
Genre: Minimal Techno
Format: Digital
Cat. No.: LS054

Track Listing:
1. Billy Dalessandro - My Third Ball (Original Mix)
2. Billy Dalessandro - Nightshady (Original Mix)
3. Billy Dalessandro - Rolypoly (Original Mix)

Release Date:
29. May 2017 (Beatport)
12. June 2017 (All other Shops)

Chicago’s Billy Dalessandro, co-owner of Siteholder Records has been a personal favorite of
Miro’s top minimalistic techno artists of the last decade. With his quirky, sexy and unique productions he is a true standout-artist that delivers his message. Wrapped in between crazy after hour weirdness and pumping floor destruction, his sound design and ideas never fail to entertain, which he proves once again on this release for Lazerslut!

Third Ball Brawl EP starts off with „My Third Ball“ and immediately demonstrates his signature assembled by a bad ass bass line, seductive beat and weirdly entertaining vocal chop. Clever buildup and hypnotizing magnetism dynamically pull you into his world of awesomeness. The motto is „dance or go home!“.

„Nightshady“ charms with its musical feel, classic acid lines and melodic mesmerism. A rhythmical journey through time and space, a wonderful harmonious piece of aural comfort that comes without a kick drum.

„Rolypoly“ is a true groove-bomb. With its intelligent sound selection, excellent build up and authentic vibe, Billy’s signature sound is being represented at its best. This is a truly „fun to listen and dance to“ EP that should leave noone unsatisfied.

Purchase LS054: Beatport