[LS053] Marko Nastic

Label: Lazerslut
Artist: Marko Nastic
Release: Reflection
Genre: Tech House / Techno
Format: Digital
Cat. No.: LS053

Track Listing:
1. Marko Nastic - Reflection (Original Mix)
2. Marko Nastic - Tubular (Original Mix)
3. Marko Nastic - Anthology of Past Tense Vol. 1 (Original Mix)

Release Date:
27. April 2017 (Beatport)
11. May 2017 (All other Shops)

As one of the leading south eastern european DJ’s, Marko Nastic needs no introduction.
Known for his excellent DJ skills and fine taste in music selection as well as stellar productions,
Miro gladly welcomes his fellow countryman to unveil three tracks for Lazerslut.

It is barely possible to categorize the genre of this EP, since it covers a well crafted blend of
minimalistic Techno, House and Tech House. All tracks lean towards a „No compromise“ attitude
with its rugged feel and punch.

Reflection, Tubular and Anthology Of Past Tense Vol. 1 stir up senses with very fat sub bass lines,
pounding beats and modular synthesizer formulas. The superb sound design and raw statement of
these tunes speak for themselves and are designed to shape dance floors into mad houses!

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