[LS052] Dhaze & Miro Pajic

052 1000x1000
Label: Lazerslut
Artist: Dhaze, Miro Pajic
Release: Collabsed 2
Genre: Minimal / Tech House
Format: Digital
Cat. No.: LS052

Track Listing:
1. Dhaze - Friday 13th (Original Mix)
2. Dhaze - Earth Bound Zero (Original Mix)
3. Miro Pajic - Promises (Original Mix)
4. Miro Pajic - The Bleep Was Never Gone (Original Mix)

Release Date:
10. April 2017 (Beatport)
24. April 2017 (All other Shops)

Dhaze, runs the vinyl label „Hypergroove“ from Rome, Italy. He is known for his excellent selection
of music in his DJ sets and blends House, Minimal and Tech House in brilliant ways. His releases,
as heard on labels like Metroline Ltd, Inmotion, Little Helpers or Amam showcase his talent
and feel for underground dance music. Lazerslut is happy to welcome him for this split EP
with label owner Miro. „Friday 13th“ and „Earth Bound Zero“ combine housey grooves with minimalistic flavor and suspense.
Miro’s tracks „Promises“ and „The Bleep Was Never Gone“ complement this release with their clever sound design, groove patterns and alien-like bass lines.

Previews: Soundcloud
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